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October 3, 2019 | 13:00 – Late
Identity Works, Kungsgatan 34, Stockholm

Welcome to Human World

Only by humanizing the brand experience will you touch the hearts of those humans you seek the most. We open up our office and welcome you to a full blown inspiration day with brand seminars, workshops and keynote speakers. More details to follow.


Lisa Minogue

Design Director at IW

The human toolbox

At IW we believe that only by truly understanding those humans we seek the most can we reach their hearts. The keyword to understanding humans is empathy.

In our human toolbox we have gathered a set of tools aimed at helping us build empathy and work more human centered throughout the creative process. Come listen to Lisa as she opens up the box and shares our experience from working with the tools inside.

Seminar in Swedish

Tiger Lou

Live performance

Svante Randlert

Business and people advisor


How to become a dream employer The ability to attract, engage and develop the right employees is absolutely critical if you are to have any hope of achieving good financial results. This presentation will give you analysis and tools, practical advice and the inspiration to become a dream employer.

Svante Randlert is one of most requested speakers in Sweden, the Nordics and in Europe on attracting, engaging and developing the right employees in the right ways and in the right places.

Seminar in Swedish

Hanna Ander

Customer experience strategist at IW

Brand Driven Customer Experience

Your brand is the experience you deliver. To win the hearts and minds of the customers you must live your brand while delivering true value for the always connected customer.

At IW we formulate visions for your experience where we detail how to deliver transactional, inspirational as well as emotional value to reach your brands full potential.
Come listen to Hanna as she discusses challenges and opportunities related to next generation customer journey mapping.

Seminar in Swedish

Ida-Karin Larsson

Innovation Director at IW

Branding in 2025
As we are entering a new decade it’s time to gaze into the near future of branding. At IW we believe that all branding begins with understanding humans and the context that the brands exist in.

In the 2020’s Generation Z is entering into adulthood and Millennials are established since long. What will it take to future-proof your brand for 2025? What’s next after purpose-driven branding, curated consumption and omnichannel marketing? And last but not least how will tech continue to affect us as humans and brand builders?

Come listen to Ida-Karin as she talks about the evolution of branding in the 2020’s and how it will affect your brand.

Seminar in Swedish

Noel Pretorius

Senior Creative AT IW

Type by humans for humans.

At IW we believe typography is key in branding. Custom typefaces are strong brand carriers and give brands a unique design voice and expression. Noel Pretorius is a designer who has created award winning retail typefaces and custom fonts for worldwide brands. At Human World he will share one of his more experimental projects which pushes the boundaries in type design.

Noel was a recent speaker at the internationally acclaimed Design Indaba conference in Cape Town. He believes the most engaging designs are those where human, art and computers come together.

Seminar in English

Helena Westin

Chairperson of Komm! Member of the board of IW


Why Humans, still, will make all the difference in our AI enhanced future. It’s all about communication. Since communication is everything and everything communicates.

A simple talk about the complex stuff like humans, brains, ‘digi-physical’ aspects of both-and, the power of love, the troublesome but necessary diversity, creativity, change, fear, polarisation and hate. And therefore the huge need to take responsibility for the omni present and mind changing communication.

Super simple AND deeply complex.

*Speakers will be added continuously

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