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From me to you.
From her to him.
From Bengt to Frida.


Blood. Amazing stuff when you think about it. Without, we’d quite literally be dead. And that’s why Blodcentralen exist. To make sure those in need, get the blood they need, when they need it. The catch. Blodcentralen also need blood. Lots of it. In all different types. And to ensure they have it, they need to continuously attract donors. Fresh blood.


A brand refresh, platform, identity and tone of voice. The goal. More blood.


Blood. Out of sight, out of mind. Most of us don’t even know what type we have. Think about it. What’s yours? A+? AO? O-? Put very simply. Blood is taken for granted.


Raise appreciation. Increase value. Make blood less clinical and more emotional. Our thought. Giving blood gives life. Not a big deal for the giver, but a huge relief for the receiver. It’s a personal connection. A blood story from one person to another person. From Joel to Anna. From him to her. From me to you. A shift in mindset and behaviour. From generic blood drop to intimate bond.


A new identity, logotype and way of behaving. All born of the concept ”from me to you”. And activated across media, from web to blood buses. To find out more why not visit a blood bus near you. And while you’re there, share a little blood. From you to someone who needs.