Packaging design


Cars first — Hot dogs second


OKQ8 are a Swedish chain of roadside service stations. As well as all the usual necessities like petrol, hotdogs and coffee, OKQ8 also pride themselves on knowing cars. With fully trained staff and an extensive range of car focused products their mantra really is the car comes first.


A design system and entire redesign of the OKQ8 car product portfolio. Something user friendly and unified. Something that stands out and reassures quality.


Inspired by cars. Performance meets usability. Technical with ease.


A design system inspired by the car. High performance fused with user friendly. Like the dashboard in your car. Our thought. All the important information in an easy to discover format. Neutral colours as backgrounds and spot colours to guide.The bigger and brighter the info. The more important to take note of it.


A design system that looks cohesive whilst providing versatility and user friendliness across 130 products and ten categories. In addition a uniquely designed pictogram series to aid the system and increase usability.