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Changing the way music looks


Now one of the globes foremost advanced streaming technology companies, Spotify began life as a simple ambition to share music around the world. With global domination as a defined goal they needed a brand and experience to match.


A visual identity and emotional brand personality capable of delivering on ambition and adapting to future needs.


Connection. More than just a place to download music. A place to experience the music you love and love to hate.


Take a unique service with huge potential. Transform into an easy, fun, human and loveable experience.


A new visual identity and a communication concept known as 'Music is' which allowed users to associate Spotify with the music they love or merely love to hate. Spotify Green Room. A Spotify way of of communicating with other brands and technical devices without leaving the comfort of ‘Planet Spotify’. Plus. Product content videos. A website to optimise conversation. And the introduction of a Facebook partnership.