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October 3, 2019 | 13:00 – Late
Identity Works, Kungsgatan 34, Stockholm

Welcome to Human World

Only by humanizing the brand experience will you touch the hearts of those humans you seek the most. We open up our office and welcome you to a full blown inspiration day with brand seminars, workshops and keynote speakers. More details to follow.


Lisa Minogue

Design Director at Identity Works

The human toolbox

At IW we believe that only by truly understanding those humans we seek the most can we reach their hearts. The keyword to understanding humans is empathy.

In our human toolbox we have gathered a set of tools aimed at helping us build empathy and work more human centered throughout the creative process. Come listen to Lisa as she opens up the box and shares our experience from working with the tools inside.

Seminar in Swedish

*Speakers will be added continuously

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