Narrative driven branding


The brand narrative is essential to reaching a deeper connection with people.

At the heart of every society-influencing-brand lies a story. Often simple, most likely powerful, always emotional. A story which can be told time and time again, and from which every part of the brand builds.

At IW we simply call this story the brand narrative. And it’s how we believe brands should be built.

Memorable, emotional, meaningful.

The success of any brand depends on shaping human connection. Where a brand can provide a frame for relationships and their interactions in the daily life of people, they achieve truer and greater success.

Put simply, it’s easier for people to relate with things that make sense to them. And it’s here that we believe building from a clear narrative can offer real advantage to every brand.

The narrative examines the brand foundations and elevates them into something emotionally meaningful. Let’s just call a human truth. One that can touch, help, guide, motivate, inspire. One that’s memorable, because it captures your imagination. And in sitting at the heart of a brand, it provides unified belief, clear understanding and continuity of actions.

It’s from here that a brand can reframe its role in the world view on consumers, to start seeing them as peers and collaborators and in doing so reaching deeper more lasting relationships.

Explore some of our brand narrative work here.