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Bringing buildings to life

A building is just a stack of bricks if it is not brought to life. Bravida knows this better than anyone since they are the leading end-to-end partner working with all systems that simply have to work to keep life functioning. With over 12 000 employees across the Nordics who install and maintain functions for electricity, heating, cooling, water, ventilation and security, as well as offer services across all areas of technology, there was a need to re-define the brand. The new brand identity was developed in parallel with a new business plan — with the ambition to unite a fragmented brand as one Bravida. It was essential to build a consistent and attractive brand experience in digital channels to meet new demands in the market and to future-proof the brand for the next phase of development.

Conductivity is the capacity to transmit something, such as electricity or heat. The new Bravida visual identity draws inspiration from Bravida's daily operations as a leading partner of installation projects and their future as a service leader of managing the lifecycle of buildings. We call this the Bravida conductivity. The new logotype icon serves as a symbol for the lifecycle of buildings, long term commitment and sustainability. We have created a brand identity that reflects this with a clear ambition: a brand that creates internal pride, drives business and continuously transmits the power to bring buildings to life.