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Over a century ago when the jazz fever was peaking in Sweden, the notorious restaurant and dance palace Cecil opened its doors in downtown Stockholm for the first time. And just like the 20th century Cecil rewrote the Stockholm night life, 21st century Cecil will to rewrite work life.

Cecil is a new coworking solution offering flexible, high-end offices at prime locations for organisations that seek representative, personal, full-service offices. The Cecil brand is built to match that ambition, and everything from the core narrative to the visual identity, website and external comms have been created to bring to life a brand that is just as elegant and exclusive as it is warm and inviting. Put simply, Cecil is not your ordinary office.

The first Cecil branch will open in Feb 2021 in Bibliotekstan but already now the showroom on Norrlandsgatan is open. Pop in and have a look if you are passing by.