Nordic oat drink — for every single you

As a new global brand in the fast growing world of plant-based, Jörd proposes itself as a movement for all those that live a lot of lives. Friend, mother, lover. Saint and sinner. This is a brand for those living life undefined and ever-changing. In taking inspiration from the endless wind, rain and sun that provides all its products with their ingredients — Jörd sees itself as more than a brand, it is a personification of Nordic nature. An invitation for every single you to stay restless.

Connecting narrative across packaging, experience and communication the Jörd product brand identity champions and provides for everyone to live all their lives without hesitation.

Made by Nordic wind, rain and sun.

In everything we design we seek to personify ever-changing Nordic nature. To reflect this Jörd has a unique set of tools, each inflicted with either a physical or metaphorical interpretation of the philosophy. Through the right use and combination of these tools we seek to express a consistently recognisable, yet free and ever-changing brand.