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Welcome to You-Centred Healthcare

Kry is one of the world's fastest growing digital healthcare providers. Their ambition: Redefine the relationship we have with our health and reimagine the ways in which we care for it.

Moving beyond a tech-based doctor in mobile service, Kry seek to form a progressive part of the global healthcare system providing a digi-physical healthcare experience you control, for you to live the healthiest life possible. We worked collaboratively with Kry to reimagine a brand with a narrative and visual language to build beyond these ambitions.

Welcome to You Centred Healthcare. How are you?

Putting you, your health, your life first.

Seeking inclusion in peoples lives by asking one question to the world:

Introducing a progressive new language.

To meet the Kry brand needs, across platforms and channels, from digital through physical environments, on 14 markets and growing – a new 'You-Centered' and universally familiar visual language.

Providing for a globally accessible health authority.

More than just tools. A logotype, typeface, tone of voice, graphic language, colour and image universe all designed to turn "patients" back into real people and meet them eye-to-eye.